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contest prep coaching

diet & training or Diet only


Team Wilson contest prep plans are individually designed to bring each competitor to the stage at their genetic best by maximizing muscle retention and fat loss. All too often, competitors are sabotaged by ineffectual methods based on pseudo-science. Traditional bodybuilding contest prep leaves competitors with excess muscle loss, a disordered mentality toward dieting, and several pounds to lose come show day. Team Wilson contest prep plans ensure a successful prep based on scientific research and backed by experience. In addition to a well-strategized and methodical contest prep, competitors receive a customized peak week protocol that works with the body's physiology rather than against it. Team Wilson prides itself on operating at the highest level and leaving nothing on the table.

For more information on contest prep coaching services, packages and prices, please apply here.

off-season coaching

diet & training or diet only


Whether you are preparing for your first show or have just finished your contest season, a proper off-season and reverse diet are essential to future competition success. Many view the off-season as a time to relax when it is actually critical in situating you for your next prep.  A proper off-season plan should maximize muscle mass and metabolic rate, while minimizing fat gain. Team Wilson off-season plans are specifically designed around each competitor’s individual metabolism and their specific goals.

For more information on off-season coaching packages and prices, please apply here.

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