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Team Wilson coaches men and women of all ages and experience levels, from first-time competitors to pro athletes.  Cliff trains men and women looking to compete in both tested and untested bikini, physique, figure, classic, and bodybuilding categories.


In order to provide all clients with the best service and attention possible, Cliff does limit the number of clients he takes on at one time. Please do not wait to the last minute to submit your application, as at times there is a significant wait period for new clients.

In choosing a new client, Cliff looks for someone who, regardless of experience, embodies the definition of Intensity Is Everything - displaying passion, dedication and integrity in everything they do. Cliff seeks athletes that are as invested in the process as he will be, representing the core values of Team Wilson on stage, in the gym, and in their daily lives.  If you'd like a consultation or to ask questions about the application, please contact:


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