Cliff wilson

Cliff Wilson is a professional natural bodybuilder and one of the top physique coaches in the industry. He founded Team Wilson in 2010 using a combination of scientifically-proven methods and experience-driven techniques. As of 2019, the Team has amassed over 115 pro cards, 85 pro titles, and 13 world championships.


Cliff works with both tested and untested athletes. His clientele ranges from first time-competitors to world-class professionals. His goal as a coach is simple - to help every athlete achieve their ultimate potential, regardless of their current level. 

Cliff is also the published author of Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook and of numerous articles online and in print. He co-owns The Physique Summit, where he speaks annually. He has also spoken in Singapore, the UK, Greece, and across the US. To inquire about a speaking engagement, please contact:

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Katie Wojcicki-Wilson has worked as an online trainer for the past 10 years.​ Over her career, she has worked with hundreds of clients with a wide range of experiences and goals. Her clients include new gymgoers, endurance athletes, law enforcement, and those preparing for military or FBI testing. She tailors her programming to non-competitors and their goals.

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