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Team Wilson contest prep plans are individualized programs designed to bring each competitor to the stage at their genetic best by maximizing muscle retention and fat loss. Too often competitors are sabotaged by ineffective methods based on nothing but pseudo-science and gym myths. Typical bodybuilding contest plans will leave you with a crashed metabolism and several pounds still to lose come show day. Team Wilson contest plans are based on scientific research and backed up by experience.

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Whether you are preparing for your first show or have just finished a show, a proper off-season and reverse diet is essential to future competition success. Continued success and improvements are made in the off-season. Many view this as a time to relax and take it easy, but this is actually a time when a precise plan to improve must be in place.  A proper off-season plan should maximize muscle mass, maximize metabolic rate, and minimize fat gain. Team Wilson offseason plans are specifically designed around each person’s individual metabolism and their specific goals.

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For non-competitors looking for training, weight-loss or transformation services. Packages are all inclusive


We get many inquiries for our services from non competitors.  However being that there are different components that go into a program for a bodybuilding athlete versus someone looking for a weight-loss program or other type of transformation, a different approach is necessary than someone looking for contest prep.  Katie Wilson Fitness is part of the same family, owned operated and run by Katie Wilson.  Her programs are based upon the same principles and protocols that have allowed so many of our physique clients to go on to class wins, pro cards, and pro titles, however these programs are tailored to non-athletes, and are significantly less rigorous.

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