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"Anyone who has prepared for a bodybuilding show knows that putting time in the gym plays a huge role in your success - but, that's only part of it.  Another extremely important factor is nutrition and education.  When I started bodybuilding, I didn't understand how precise a diet must be.  I simply followed the diet I was given, didn't ask too many questions and hoped for the best.  My first show turned out great but I knew I wanted more out of the sport.  I didn't want to just follow a plan on a piece of paper - I wanted to learn and I wanted to surround myself with people who were motivational and had my best interest in mind...

I met Cliff and Katie Wilson after my first show. With Team Wilson, they don't just give people a diet and send them on their way.  They are with their clients EVERY step of the way.  I looked at pictures of their clients online and noticed that they were all the leanest competitors on the stage!  The smartest decision I ever made was deciding to work with Team Wilson.  I worked with them in preparation for my second show. They were with me every step, from pre-contest dieting all of the way to show day backstage and even after the show.

       What I like about Team Wilson is that they were in constant contact with me through out the entire diet.  I spoke with them weekly and sometimes daily via phone or email - both made themselves available 'round the clock for questions and concerns.  They are understanding, knowledgeable and approachable.  They altered my diet as many times as necessary, without hesitation. One thing I want to point out is that they not only altered my diet but they always articulated why they were including certain foods and why I was unable to eat others.  It is important for them to teach their clients the biological reasoning behind why they do what they do - teaching and learning is all part of their process. 

When times were tough, Team Wilson was such a great motivator - from emails, phone calls and motivational posts on my Facebook page!   This may seem like a small thing but, when contest dieting, you definitely need that support.  Their support also continued on the day of the show as they prepared me to appear on stage.  With the help of Team Wilson, I won my IFPA Pro Card in the second show of my career!  They also went above and beyond to prepare an off-season diet for me to keep me on track for my pro debut in 2011.

  I have every intention of working with Team Wilson from here on out.  I have even encouraged my husband to enlist Katie and Cliff for his stage debut in 2011.  I truly thank Team Wilson for their support thus far and look forward to a successful 2011 season with them.  With all of that said, if you're serious about training - whether you plan to compete or not - it would be in your best interest to work with Team Wilson.  I'm not sure that you'll find the total package in any other organization."

Corynne Pero, IFPA Pro

Before meeting Team Wilson, I thought I trained with intensity but they introduced me to what intense training is all about. I'd heard of a hardcore "Team Wilson Leg Day" but I thought, "This won't be anything too hard." After going through the first session, I realized the level of intensity I'd have to push myself to. I never pushed myself this hard but my teammates refused to let me short change myself. At this point I understood how serious they were about this.  Being so new and still not fully understanding this sport, I instantly had respect for Cliff & Katie. Prior to being a member of Team Wilson, I was training to get stronger and bigger but was getting nowhere. After starting the diet Cliff & Katie designed for me, My gains were on a weekly basis. I was surprised that I was losing bodyfat while getting stronger at the same time. They really understand the science behind nutrition...

Growing up reading fitness magazines for years, I always wanted to be the person on stage. Fear of being on stage and not fully understanding contest prep prevented me from competing. Then I was lucky enough to meet Cliff and Katie one day at my gym. Cliff talked to me about competing but still being nervous, I thought there was no way I could do this. Weeks to months went by training together and my first contest was getting closer. By this time, I was no longer nervous. Wanting to represent my team well and make them proud, inspired a fearless mindset in me. At the age of 20, I took 1st in two classes, an overall win, and 2nd in the open at my first show! I also finished in the top five in the open at two of the biggest natural shows in the country.  I finished up my first year winning 4th in my class in a national level show. After my first contest season, I am now ready to progress and hit the stage next season. Im very proud to be a member of Team Wilson and can not thank them enough for allowing me to do what I always dreamt of doing.

Darryl Siggers, NANBF Competitor

I first learned about TeamWilson in May 2010 at my first bodybuilding competition.  For my first show, I prepared entirely on my own.  As was to be expected for a first-timer without coaching, I made plenty of mistakes in my preparation and was not nearly lean enough to contend for a first or second place finish in any of my classes. But as I looked around me at the other competitors, and especially those who were prepared by Team Wilson, I knew I had a ways to go, as they were clearly doing something I was not.  I was quite impressed with the quality of conditioning shown by the Team Wilson competitors.  I knew that level of conditioning was what I wanted for myself. 

For my second show, again working on my own, I came in again at 183 pounds, and placed last in the two classes I entered.  What was more upsetting to me than my disappointing placings was the fact I felt, after working so hard, I was no better than I had been the last time, and knew I was not fulfilling my potential.  I formally met Cliff Wilson backstage at that show, and expressed to him my frustration in realizing I had fallen well short of where I wanted to be.  He was very encouraging; complimenting me on my posing, and assured me it was possible for me to get very lean, and to come closer to fulfilling my potential. 

I started soon thereafter with Cliff and Katie- A full 26 weeks out from my next show, but I needed every bit of that time to be ready, as I was now at 199 pounds.  Team Wilson took care of everything for me in preparation for my last show, including posing assistance, tanning application on the day of the show, along with coaching and encouragement on show day.   It was amazing, and realizing what I was getting for the money made working with Team Wilson a no-brainer. The results from my first show working with them speak for themselves: 1st in the Men’s Submasters Class, and second in the Men’s Open, as well as the Mr. Natural Illinois, and Men’s Novice divisions. What I learned over those six months was greater than years of research on my own. 

I had read what others had researched, and found myself more confused the more information I ingested.  Cliff took the mystery of getting ripped out of the equation. He always had a reason for everything he asked me to do, and always answered my questions as to why, backing it up with the relevant science.  It was not easy, but was simple.  The weight came off at a steady pace, and I was in shape weeks before my show, coming in almost 20 pounds lighter than my last two shows, at 165 pounds and in my absolute best condition of my life.

For anyone looking to reach their best potential, I tell you that you cannot fail in working with Team Wilson.  If  you follow the personalized, encouraging, scientifically backed guidance of Team Wilson, you will reach your physique’s potential in ways you only dreamed possible. And do so in ways you just do not find over hundreds of articles online or in the magazines.  I’ve read so many articles and research on my own, and learned things from Team Wilson I never read anywhere else.  It has been an amazing experience working with Team Wilson, and I cannot see being without their guidance and support for the rest of my bodybuilding career…

Thomas Vana, NANBF/OCB Competitor