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There are too many myths and unfounded statements in the sport of bodybuilding.  Both from a public standpoint as much as from  those trying to make it to the top.  Those of us who have chosen to go the natural route have made a great choice about our health, our standards, and our morals.  Too often though, natural bodybuilders try to use the same practices as as their steroid-using counterparts. Unfortunately the same rules do not apply to both groups, and while so similar, they must be treated as two different sports entirely.  We can tell you with all confidence that in order to succeed on the natural bodybuilding stage, regardless of how much you want it, you will have to respect the fact that bodybuilding is as much a science as a sport, or risk stunting your potential.
TRAINING - Intensity is Everything

"Intensity is Everything" isn't just our slogan - Intensity may just be the single most important factor when it comes to training. Lack of intensity during training is not something that only affects average gym goers.  We have seen too many bodybuilders and figure competitors sabotage their own efforts by not training hard enough.  The funny thing is that if you ask most bodybuilders if they train hard, they would of course say yes. And it's not that they are
NUTRITION & PEAKING- Timing is Everything

We never let our athletes step on stage unless they are at their all time best and leanest.  Our detailed, personalized nutrition plans and peak weeks have brought these results for our clients show after show and are the reason our athletes consistently place at the top of their class - even at their first show against much more seasoned competitors

Our diet programs are meticulously detail oriented, and take advantage
Too much of what is considered fact or common knowledge in the bodybuilding community is based on nothing but hearsay. And because of this, all too often competitors with the best intentions and potential end up shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to their prep.  Backwards and sometimes dangerous myths about cutting out carbs completely to cut fat, cutting water days out from a show, and many more have had people with phenomenal physiques losing to competitors they would have otherwise dominated with the proper prep and diet.

We offer an all-inclusive combination of training, diet and posing programs for each of our clients.  Being all-inclusive means no part of your contest prep goes unchecked, and all aspects of your training are at the necessary level for you to bring your best to each show, and obtain optimal results in the offseason.  Our services are not only available for those entering their competition season, but those looking to gain results and size in their offseason as well. 90% of our clients utilize our services either year round, or periodically during their offseason, to maintain proper weight, and update their training programs to make the most of this time.  For more information on our services, rates and methods please read on below.  A more detailed brochure is also available by emailing the address above, or filling out the form on the 'Contact Us' page.

lying; the problem is that they actually believe that they train hard. Some just don’t realize what they are doing, while others have never actually seen or felt what a truly brutal training session is like to have that standard set for them.  Every time we meet with or talk with our clients we try to set an example of how hard they should train. We hate to hear bodybuilders say “I had a really good workout today”.  Because we can't help but wonder- why aren’t your workouts really good every day?  Even a bad training program, when done with intensity, will give you better results than a great program done with low intensity. When a great training program is combined with true intensity the results are truly astonishing.

    While diet, nutrition and the quality of your peak week will ultimately determine how lean you are on show day, the hundreds of workouts you have in the weeks, months and years preceding that day will determine what is revealed as you diet down.  Those workouts are what tell your body that there is a need to build more muscle.  But if you are inconsistent with your training, you will surely be losing out on growth, and potentially stalling it altogether. Too many competitors get complacent in the gym and either go by what they feel like lifting that day, or what they think they haven't hit in a couple of days.  And even for those who are on a weekly schedule, not being on a regimented, purposeful training program will have their growth coming at a slower rate than it could, regardless of genetics or the quality of their diet and supplementation.

   Just as there is more and more research out there to help us benefit further from diet and supplementation, there is increasing research made available about the benefits of different types of training.  An integral part of each of our clients' prep and training is the training programs we provide.  This in conjunction with our detailed and personalized diet and supplementation programs has consistently made our clients the leanest and the biggest on stage, time after time.

of timing carbs, protein and other nutrients to maximize growth, and minimize unnecessary fat gain.  There are solid researched, science-based rules that we utilize year round upon which we base each day's nutrition.  A hierarchy of when is the best time, in relation to waking, sleeping and working out, to take in each type of nutrient and supplement. Dieting for a contest should not be a guessing game. There is a science to contest dieting and it can be planned perfectly to bring you your best results every time.

    Too many bodybuilders try to make up for a poorly constructed diet with an overdependence on supplements.  While as natural bodybuilders it's definitely beneficial to included them to make the best gains both on and off season, don't do so without taking a hard look at your diet plan first and ensuring everything is on point there.  And just like with your diet, don't take for granted the timing of your supplements either.  All our members are not only provided with a list of the best supplements to take based on their budget, but a provided with a Supplement Regimen Chart which indicates each item's order of importance so when money is tight, you can be sure you are spending your money on the best possible items and brands.

    What makes our peak weeks unique and so successful are two things: First, we are often able to accompany our competitors to their show, ensuring that they receive the best quality results, all the way up to the minute they step on stage.  This allows also for you to have the peace of mind knowing that no detail is forgotten, and that any last minute changes to your peak or presentation will be handled with the help of experienced people, and allows you to enjoy the day much more.  Second, and most important, is the Peak Week Packet each competitor is provided with.  Starting several days out from a show, each competitor's packet is unique to their body type and even tweaked from show to show.  Peaking is not a simple cut and dry process but must consider many subtle nuances of each individual's metabolism.  Our peak weeks monitor and indicate not only the basic macronutrients, and calories, but take into consideration potassium and sodium levels as well as all the tiny details that can make or break a show day physique.  In the days preceding a show, we are in constant contact with each member so that if any last minute changes need to be made, we can adjust each detail immediately, and their results can be that much better.

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