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    What does being an all natural team mean to us?  We work only with athletes in drug tested shows, in strictly tested federations.  These federations are the NANBF, OCB, NGA, INBF and their pro counterparts [IFPA, WNBF].  Often people ask us what the difference is between tested and nontested shows, or if there is any at all. Indeed there is. The work it takes both on our part as well as our athletes’ is far different than the non-tested route.  In order to thoroughly prepare for the stage and ensure you are both as lean and as big as possible, there are certain biological and metabolic processes that need to be understood.  And many of those will vary from athlete to athlete because of genetics and conditioning. Taking any of the substances banned in our federations means altering those processes and following a different set of rules, bending and sometimes breaking what your genetics would otherwise limit or dictate. 

      Competing naturally evens the playing field, and allows athletes of all ages and both genders to excel.  Natural bodybuilding is an amazing sport with athletes spanning in age from 13 to over 70. The athletes we’ve worked with have ranged from 15 to almost 50, from first time competitors to top level natural pro’s.  Full show photo albums can be found on the link to the right on our Facebook page.  We also have begun uploading posing routines, show footage and training videos to our new YouTube page, also linked to the right.  On this website you will find information on our past and present athletes, as well as our services. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us via email to have a more in-depth brochure sent to you. 

      For those looking to contact us for contest prep, please see our 'Contact Us' page. There are several pieces of information we need from you before we can outline a timeline and a list of shows. We need all the information on that page from a potential client before proceeding further. Please make sure to include all of this information when you contact us, and read all notes below before submitting.
For pricing, references, information and consultations, please visit our 'Contact Us' page for our consultation questionnaire.

The 2011 season has ended for us and our athletes, for full albums and results from recent shows, please visit our Facebook Photo Album Page here.

Our athletes compete only in 100% drug free events and federations. For a full listing of shows offered by some of these federations please check out their websites:

  NANBF / OCB / IFPA  INBF / WNBF                             NGA


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